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This is one of the pictures I drew using Wacom Intuos tablet_ No AI back then a few years ago.

Am revising this story again for D2D purposes as it has not been revised for some time.

Will let fans know asap.

Happy Mothers Day folks - May 14 in Australia
For artists who want to draw eagle wings here is a link and it is free_ God bless Freakzter_ Simple Wing Lines By Freakzter
Saturday, May 27 2023

Taking umbrage at someone's comment or act that displeases us can create a seed of trouble - It may be one of the worst beginnings of sin that is easy to commit in our world today - with social media a great platform for subtly hurting others_ Beware of this heart condition_ This blog will give you more insight as to how it can destroy_ And the cure for it.

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Sunday, January 01 2023

What is Usury? The dictionary definition says it is charging interest at too high a rate to a borrower_

For some folk, going back to 1991, we had a variable interest loan that kept going up_ In the end it was 14.25% for a mortgage of the day_

At some point in the raising of interest Australian government took this to task and restricted the interest rate to below 14% in order to stop the rampage of its citizens.

We ended up receiving a refund from one of the Big Banks as our interest had gone too high.

In 2008 we had the same scenario_

Today, since 2022, we are facing another usury problem all over the globe, including Australia.

A senior person in the banking industry said on a TV interview. "Of course some will drop off_ mainly those new-comers who will drop off_"

I was appalled_

Could this be termed a crime against its Australian citizens, especially the most vulnerable?  Using the adage, "Stop inflation_"

There are a thousand better ways to "stop inflation" than kicking new mortgagees in the guts (wallet). Just think about that_

Mortgages are almost "sacred" on homes and must be protected by a law that works_

Mortgages are a necessity just as bread and water_

When will governments do their jobs and protect mortgagees of Australia? Its citizens, its power, its worth?

How does the creator (Jesus) of all of us think about this type of cruelty to vulnerables?

Lenders in particular:

Read your Bibles folks and get back on the straight and narrow_ otherwise judgement must come quickly for individuals and countries_

Who will God accept into his mansions above: (John 14)

Let's look at one aspect of usury in David's Psalm 15

"Who may worship in your sanctuary Lord? Who may enter your presence on your holy hill? - Verse 5: Those who lend money without charging interest_

Such people will stand firm forever_ (Read the whole psalm in 2 minutes and see where you fit into God's plan for your life and future life!)

Here are a few more to ponder:  (Reference from online:

Sadly, from historical data, raising mortgage interest rises (kicking a man when he is down) appears as an excuse to petty-theft the most vulnerable in our society. It could be deemed a crime against citizens of its country and even called sabotage.

Here are a few more verses that God has given to help us to stay away from crime. Even banks can be corrupted. I was told by a bank manager, "Never trust a bank manager."

Now we know why. They defy God in every which way, creating excuses to rip off ordinary mums and dads of their living.

I pray the Lord will put a stop to this unfair and destructive, and disgusting act of increasing interest after the loan has been agreed to for 25 years_ There must be limits as to how often the interest rate can be increased_ money does not grow on trees Banks_ You are not worthy to be the custodian of our money. I am praying against this despicable trend and hope many ordinary people are doing so as well_ call on God to stop this wicked practice. If Australia goes down for its crimes before God, we all go together_

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Sunday, October 30 2022

Our trip around the world had many magical moments. This is one of them.

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Thursday, April 28 2022
150 Days+

We hear a lot about God's Love (John 3:16), but God also has a side called "God's Wrath" and it is just as powerful as His Love.

This week we were supposed to be in Sunshine Coast having our break for my birthday. We left the "hotel style" room at Marcoola Beach because it was displeasing to us. Now we are back home pretending to be on holiday, going to Redcliffe streets and eating lots of food. What a beautiful place Redcliffe is once again, with friendly faces everywhere and food in abundance.

When we returned on Saturday, I realized that we would be able to attend the Creation night at the Presbyterian Church in Woody Point. I had noticed the email but put it aside because we would not be here.

For some time I have been asking questions of God. "How did the flood happen?" "How high did it really get to?" The Bible does not give us all the specific details, just the perimeters of the event. Of course those who knew about the flood in the early days knew what happened and not everything was written down for those who were not present.

In the course of the evening, a video from DR Timothy Clarey  (ICR) was shown. (Link above on youtube)

He has written a book I have been trying to get called, "Carved in Stone", I have not had success in finding one available. (I need it!)

His lecture was the most revolutionary event I have experienced since my conversion. He has done mammoth (pun) studies on the flood and come up with such information that it is ground breaking. He is a humble man, like Noah, and obedient to God (his job). I was literally eating up every word and scene he produced on the video. Not only does he explain what happened, he displays unoquivocal evidence of what happened, the crust around our lands, the pancake style layering of the rocks through each tsunami wave. The evidence about every creature and where it stayed during the flood, in its own compartment or level all across the world. The final phase of the flood was the drowning of man and domestic animals around 150 days. After that, the "wash" of the waves retreating happened. The mountains (Everest) were also formed during this rather quick change in our earth. This book shows the shaping of the high mountains at that time. Also, the dinosaurs lived apart from humans and were washed away before mankind (on highest ground) was drowned. He also explains why there are no bones in the deep, because they disintegrate under water. Only those things set in stone remain as a carved mark for our benefit and study.

It was like all my Christmases had come at once.  I do have another project relating to this period that I am procrastinating over.

If you love truth and ask God questions regularly, please remember that God will answer at the right time, in the right place.

God's wrath was "satisfied" by the flood, but God was also saddened that he had to do this for the sake of mankind. His centre in Ohio has a model created of the flood event and it is gob-stopping (for me). Of course, many Christians do not need all this detail, but for those who do, make a real effort to find this man's book and study it. Luke, the writer of the 4th Gospel says, "I myself have carefully investigate everything from the beginning... So that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught," (Luke 1:3) We must be like Luke, investigating at every turn to see what actually did happen.

I am shocked and delighted to know that God has seen into my mind and provided me with spectacular finds in Dr Timothy Clarey, who has diligently ploughed the ground and found the hidden crop. Now, all I have to do is "eat" and share with everyone.

Maybe we can have a holiday again soon. And find that book. Written in 2020.

Don't forget Ukraine folk. Please keep praying for their sorrow and safety.

I love every Ukrainian because they are afflicted.

Image from Pixabay, thank you.

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Thursday, February 24 2022
The Brokenhearted Healed

Being brokenhearted is a sorrowful condition that can take your smile away for a long time and even bring your life to a standstill.

Jesus Christ created you and knows how you are feeling today and every day.

If you are brokenhearted today, there is hope for you.

King of Assyria. (Pic from Pixabay)

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Tuesday, January 11 2022
Jonah & the Vaccine

Jonah was a true anti-vaxer, he did not wish to obey anyone, even the Lord.

Can we learn from his events in the book of his name, Jonah?

What can we apply to our situation with the vaccine rollout here in Australia and around the globe?

What will you do?

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Friday, December 31 2021
Covid Victory?

Has Covid19 won the victory?

All over the world this virus needs no introduction. After more than two years of battling this virus, we are still in the thick of the pandemic. (With a few waves along the way)

What have we learned from all the experts, lines of folk waiting for tests, the way this thing moves silently from person to person, like a ghost from times past, or a demonic invasion from Hell?

How will our generation be remembered? The lineups of masked people, the doctors with other masks, the funerals, the graves, the sick under layers of plastic or for our intelligence and care of each other?

How does God see this? Is God involved in the scenario? Immediately we think of the great effort of our doctors and paramedics who are right there in the fray. We remember the old woman waving from her nursing home, distraught and unable to get out of her final prison on earth except through death!

From a scientific perspective, I took a look at this fabulous website:

Here you shall find intelligent information about this virus, how it mutates and evolves, and effects vaccines.

We can learn from this virus:

It is a true picture of evolution or more aptly, mutation.

This blog makes the statement that our human DNA is greater than this virus and quickly returns to its own normality.

We need not fear in the long term because our DNA will eventually get the better of this uninvited mRNA enemy of humanity and even of our animals.

This virus pretends to be a human cell, and it is close, but utterly destructive.

We must fight this to the bitter end, and use every weapon against it.

It is like the sin that can enter our lives subtly, and cause enormous changes in our behaviour and our destiny.

Ephesians Six verse ten:

Put on the whole armour of God, so that you can take a stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual powers of this dark world... The belt of truth buckled on your waist, the breastplate of righteousnes (heart) on. Your feet shod with the speedy gospel of peace. And take up the shield of faith, which can extinguish the flaming fire of the arrows. Finally, take the sword of the spirit, which is the Bible. Pray in the spirit at all times. Keep praying for everyone.

Just like the virus, we must defend our lives, our families, and our country against this purge.

Can everyone pray for God's help and see what happens.

Love is eternal, our prayers are eternal, and God is eternal. We too can be eternal.

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Monday, December 06 2021

When we think about Christmas, what comes to mind? For me, I remember being taken by the hand by my older sister, Dolores, to see the lights in Jacob's shop window.

The year was 1952 and I was four years of age. I can remember that evening as being dusky and windy. We ran along the narrow footpath precariously, being blown about by a steady wind. Finally, (about 5 houses along) we reached the magical shop window. I remember staring at the lights as if mesmerised for what may have been a long time or a few minutes. It was an awesome moment in my young life.

Being very good girls we had to go home after our viewing. My sister was super careful to be obedient, so I reluctantly left the sparkling window.

It was Christmas. Our dad was not around as he had gone by ship to UK earlier in the year, seeking work. Our family consisted of Mum and four children. Two were younger than I was. But, nothing could prevent me from feeling very excited by those brilliant lights.

Everything that happened seemed so exciting. We saw baby Jesus at the church stable and of course that was just a little doll. Santa also managed to light our fire upstairs in the front bedroom (two bedrooms were both at the front anyway). Santa locked the door and left the key, clever man. Inside the upper room were two little strollers, one for each of the two oldest children, my sister and me. Unfortunately Santa forgot to leave us a dolly to put in there, so I became the baby in the stroller, which I dearly hated as I considered myself a "big girl" because I had a little brother and sister. But, my sister and our friend next door (they owned a shop) used to  play "Housey" with me being the baby. I remember the anger I felt even now!  I also remember a black cat with a red ribbon coming into our house, which was good luck, but bad luck if it turned up within certain days of Christmas. (It was a hoax by a fun neighbour) I remember that we were all laughing when we found out, but I still had suspicions about bad luck, whatever that might be for a four year old. 

Christmastime can bring people to a different place, such as bad memories and loved ones who strayed or are gone from this world. As we get older we amass more sad memories and experience more sad days of tragedy and sorrow.

But, God, in His Wisdom, sent his son as a helpless baby to come to our planet. Indeed Jesus was and is an alien who does not belong here in the human sense, yet he was prepared to let go of his own glory in Heaven to become a baby. A child who was destined to die a cruel death on the cross at Calvary. We all know this story and still marvel at what happened, bad  and good.

Jesus Christ (anointed Saviour) is still the one waiting to bring the light of life to everyone who calls on His name. Jesus claims mount up to declare Himself as God, (My Lord and my God) said doubting Thomas. Jesus sits on the right hand of the Throne, always alive to make intercession (like a court witness) for people down on planet earth. Jesus himself said, "I am the light of the world".

Light is very attractive to those who have known only darkness. People are sometimes seen as "lights" in the world. My mother was a light for us kids. She had to cope with four little ones on her own for two and a half years, which must have seemed an eternity. During that period of time, I came to love Jesus the little baby and often imagined Jesus standing in his crib in heaven looking down at me at night when we said "Our Prayers" which Mum taught us.

My journey with Jesus Christ, my Teacher, my Friend, my Saviour, Redeemer and my God, began at Christmas after I saw the lights in Jacob's shop window in a humble town called Leixlip.

I began my new "life"  in 1983 when I turned to Jesus for salvation from sin and death and condemnation.  He has said, "I will never leave you or forsake you."

He waits for you. He is coming back.

"Pixabay" picture thank you.

Image by reblbug Pixabay

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Monday, November 08 2021
Cross Training

Mark 8:34 "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross and follow me."

Chapter 8 of Mark gives us insights into how Jesus was training his disciples in various situations.

Jesus feeds the hungry followers (4,000 people). 

This was in the region of the Ten  Cities of Scythopolis (Beisan), Hippos (Susiyeh), Gadara (Umm Qeis), Pella (Fahil), Philadelphia (`Amman), Gerasa (Jerash), Dion (Adun?), Canatha (Qanawat), Damascus and Raphan. (Biblehub Bible map: Decapolis, exerpt.)

You can see why there was such a big crowd that were also hungry for bread and the Word of the Lord Jesus.

Jesus then headed across the sea of Galilee in a boat. (8:10)

This is in the region of Dalmanutha, (Magdala) West side of the Sea of Galilee.

At this point the Pharisees (Jewish Sect) came to challenge Jesus.

Jesus warned them about the Pharisees "leaven" but they could not fathom the meaning. (8:16)

Next, them came to Bethsaida and he healed a blind man. (North of Sea of Galilee)

Then Jesus and his disciples went around the cities of Philippi in Ceasearea, during which trek he questioned his disciples about who he was. (8:29 -30)

He then told them that he must suffer many things and be rejected by the leaders of the Jews. He told them he would be killed and would rise again on the third day.

After a sound protest by Peter, who was severely rebuked by Jesus, who called Peter "Satan" Jesus called the crowd and disciples closer.

Jesus told the disciples and the crowd the obligation to Himself in making a decision to "Follow Jesus".

In a nutshell, Jesus said to those who decide to follow him. "You you must take up your cross, deny yourself, and follow me." (Read verses 34 - 38)

If we view this lesson in a whole, it is clear that to follow Jesus is not simply having a picnic or watching miracles happen, it is a continual journey over the hills and dales of life. You will need to carry your own "cross" as directed by Jesus all the way to the end of your life's journey. For Jesus it was "Death by crucifixion."

For you it can be anything that is difficult but very personal. You must carry the burden as permitted by Jesus to the end of your journey of life, unless he gives you a different burden, but it seems that we will always have to "pick up our cross" to follow Jesus.

When we think of our own individual "burden" "Cross" (heavy and hard to do) we can remind ourselves that Apostle Paul had eye problems, Peter kept making mistakes, Thomas was a doubter.

Recently I saw a message on quora to a person suffering from Bipolar disorder who was thinking of "stopping his/her medication". The advice was to carry the burden of taking medication as it was helping the sufferer to feel well and to cope with life. My friend has a similar disorder and often times we see Christians telling folk to "stop taking their medication" because they are "healed", however, this passage from Jesus tells us to "Do the hard thing" "Pick it up" and follow after him. So, if you have prescribed medication, pick it up, drink it down and get on with your day, following Jesus across the thorny pathways of life along with the picnic days and the days of wine and roses and love. 

Pic from thanks so much.  (May they be blessed)

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Friday, October 22 2021
Get Into The Rescue Boat

Population explosion has been halted somewhat by Covid19.

These days are testing times for everyone.

How do you escape this dilemma?

Where is the boat of rescue?

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I love this record of the world. This edition is rather large, but I have read through a lot of its pages. I mainly use it as a reference for Biblical facts and world facts. It could be called my "Fact checker". Because of its antiquity, it rates itself and is blatantly honest.
Lately I have been using the Appendix F. MAPS for Iona and Western Asia Minor, which are of interest to my study. I have also studied the Conquests of Thrace and the Euxine, and Conquests of Alexander.
Every Bible student and those who want to set records straight would benefit from owning one of these volumes. I look forward to seeing more editions that are easier to manage. This one is not a hardcover volume, but paperback and a little frail. I definitely would prefer the hardcover edition as it gets a lot of work, going in and out of my bookshelves.
Revised and Updated by Larry and Marion Pierce, November, 2006. They are amazing people. May God bless them. And, being of Irish birth, I am surprised and delighted to know Ussher was born in Dublin, 11 miles from where I was given birth (Leixlip).

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