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Monday, January 18 2021
You Are Invited

The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come" Rev 22:17

After a harrowing year of lockdowns, a new way of living appears to be the Covid "Norm" for 2021. Some people feel that 2020 dragged out, whilst others (my granddaughter) felt it went too quickly. Perception is a wonderous thing and the young give us hope!

As we see the events unfold all over the globe and the fight to master a suitable vaccine, we shudder and wonder if something has gone wrong in the world (again).

When we reach back in history we find moments in time when the world appears to be coming to an end! E.g: WW1 and WW11 coming in quick succession (1914-18) 1939-1945)

People who lived through this type of horror simply want to forget it, and they lose much needed peace in their lives that never returns. Some are only talking about the war days now (over 70 years ago). It is still painful for them at 80, 90+ years. And vivid.

The same will be said of 2020 and 2021 as the angst rises up and the virus does not abate like we expected it to go away. We are like the little person who sings, "Rain, rain go not come again another day!" We want this virus gone. We want troubles to end. We want our money to roll in even if it was a trickle before, it was better than now. We have waited and waited all year for good news, but very little good news has come to anyone.

The picture above is a bride. We all love weddings, even those that do not turn out as expected! It still stirrs our hearts to think of this great union of two people happy to share their joy with as many as possible. 2020 has also been a sad year for brides and grooms, and who knows how they will be rated in 2021.

But, there is another great wedding on the horizon! In this chapter, the Spirit of God and the Bride (The Church of belivers) calls out to the many who are not here yet.

"Come, let anyone who is thirsty come and drink freely."  (Also read Revlation 3:18)

God invites everyone who listens to come to his banquet. Yes, there will be the biggest wedding celebration in history (His Story) in heaven. The invitation is still going out to everyone who has a heart for God.

"For the time has come for the Wedding feast of the Lamb (Jesus) and his bride has prepared herself." (Rev 19:7,8)

She has been given the finest pure white linen to wear. The fine linen represents the good deeds of God's holy people.

Jesus told a parable about 10 bridesmaids who waited for the bridegroom. 5 missed out because their lamps went out before the event. (Matthew 25)

In other words, there is a time limit and God alone knows that  time. But, we all know that even if church doors are closed even now, the bridegroom is getting ready to come and take his bride home to be with him forever in Heaven.

Jesus also shows the parable of the wedding feast where the proper garments must be worn. (wedding garment) These parables show that we must have the attire God gives us (his righteousness) and His invitation. His Word invites those who read it to come for the big bash in Heaven, when we will all join together with the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. (Matthew 22)

You have the invitation. Jesus gave up his own life for you, his Church body. "The two are united as one."   "This is a great mystery" (Ephesians 5:32). Accept Jesus today. The Holy Spirit will cover you with a special garment that is pure. The Father will welcome you with His open arms (The prodigal son) and Jesus, the beautiful King, will smile for joy, joined by angels who will sing for joy. The feast is already set, the wine is being poured and the King and his adoring friends invite you today.

Do not ignore the warning signals: The first 6 seals are very quick and may already be broken:

1. Battles fought and victories by people with unscrupulous plans (world leaders under the pump)

2: Peace removed from the earth. (Who can argue with that)

3.  Scales "Not enough money for daily needs" 

4.  Death and the Grave. (Not a pretty picture in 2020.)

5. There are enough martyrs under the altar (protected) who are told to wait. They ask for judgement upon those who have killed them. (I read about another young man murdered in India recently, because of his faith in Jesus - could he be the final linch pin for Jesus to move on with judgement?)

White garments are given to them as they wait for the finale.

6. A great earthquake... (a really big one). Who has noticed news about earthquakes lately?

7. The last seal... Silence in Heaven. (Is this happening right now?) God is thinking and considering His next move!

After this scenario there are 7 trumpets to be blown. We will see how time unfolds history in the coming days. But, seeing the first one gives me a clue and a shiver... Incense (prayers) mixed with fire sent on the earth! Not a pretty view. After that, it just gets worse. (Revelation 6, 7, 8)

"But, today, if you hear God's voice, do not harden your hearts, but turn to the living God" (Hebrews 3:15) (This actually relates to spiritual maturity in Christians who are struggling with ceremonies and not moving forward) It can also apply to those who are sitting on the fence and are struggling to step over into the Kingdom. Go on, do it.

You will not regret this move.

Picture of "Lady" from Pixabay Images.

Thank you.


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Friday, January 01 2021

I caught this lovely lady waving as we came to Gympie on the rattler. I hope she will forgive me for posting this, but it is a bit blurred. However, it serves to say, Goodbye to 2020 and "Hello" 2021.

We all get a buzz in saying goodbye to something that has given us pain and grief, yet in the same moment we are saddened that we had to do this, or even that this is not yet done and dusted. We are complex in every way and our thinking patterns are sometimes confusing. For all of the world's population, we are happy to see a year go by and to have survived, even knowing that the year ahead may be just as difficult, or close to the previous year. However, we now know what we did in 2020, how we reacted to changes and shopping distancing, family distancing. In fact the whole year the buzz word was "distancing". Even last night at Redcliffe, where shops were buzzing with their wares (market), there was the formidable sign, Distancing 1.5 metres. This constantly reminded patrons to remember the problem lurking still.

Vaccines are on their way, governments are struggling to cope with demands and distraught citizens are fractured and broken.

How should we view this new year and can we cope with prolonged struggles with finances, family, lack of love and nurture and the constant reminders of how terrible the Covid has become?

I have found that when too many struggles emerge at once, it can break our hearts and our emotions become raw.

We can be like the Emu, bury our heads in the sand and forget the problems ahead. Or, we can be like the horse, who must rise again and jump that strange looking obstacle!

The Lord says, guard your heart, it is the wellspring of life. (proverbs) That is a serious matter.

We must guard our innermost thoughts (and sometimes they are overwhelming).

Having someone to talk to is sometimes helpful. I say "helpful" but know that nobody knows your exact solution only you and God. So, if nobody is present, speak to the Lord.

Or even to the cat or someone who is not present (human). It will help with the stress build up inside your soul (heart). We all need a sounding board and we can find our special one in a special place where we go.

Jesus went off into the night to pray, alone where he could be private and talk freely to God. We can do just that as I believe we all need to do that from time to time.

Look at the night sky. I noticed that the stars were shining brightly last night at Redcliffe. Nothing can diminish them.

Extra lights do take away some of their form, but we can still see them looking down from above, like a beautifully carved ceiling. Too far away to fall and hurt us and just far enough away to let us know we are actually not alone.

This world is the place designated by God, the creator for us to live and thrive. Sadly the world has problems, lots of problems, but nothing that cannot be solved with a little thought, a prayer, a talk or a scream! 

Or, just look and smell the beautiful flowers popping out at the moment. (Here anyway)

This year, I will make a informal resolution to be Kinder, helpful, obedient (to the difficult rules), and do do something new.

Make a cake, create a collage, or even write a book. That is what I will be doing.

I am also doing a study on a very heavy subject, history, and connecting the dots with Daniel Chapters 10, 11. It is mind-blowing and I may get it together well enough to publish my findings.

Last night, we had no fireworks in Redcliffe. We missed the early round (barely heard it) and waited until 10:15 PM when we went home.

But, today I had a most wonderful surprise, a face time with my beautiful sister, Jo, in Cyprus, and her family there (some of them).

It was just after midnight and they were eating... another fine thing to do this year. Eat something that you have never eaten. It gives you new memories to cover the old bad ones a bit.

Another thing to do: find humour in everyday things and words.

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