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This is one of the pictures I drew using Wacom Intuos tablet_ No AI back then a few years ago.

Am revising this story again for D2D purposes as it has not been revised for some time.

Will let fans know asap.

Happy Mothers Day folks - May 14 in Australia
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Those Little White LinesThose Little White Lines by Kaz Piper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Written in a autobiographical style, based on a true biography, the story takes its reader into the midst of a very dangerous situation where drug lords prey on beautiful women via their vehicle of a rock band_ Gaining entry into USA via Canada is not her only objective - yet she will pay the price as the fast lane becomes a dangerous trap_
Gaining ground as a victor rather than a victim is her saving grace_ Can she emerge from this destructive lifestyle and gain her true identity?
Prose: Written in first person dialogue the author takes us on a very personal journey that rings with red flags and tension that permeates the plot_
The story is a journey into danger and the fate of a beautiful woman hangs in the balance at all levels_ Although the story line is not totally original, its own originality has its force to continue reading in order to see the outcome and end game_
Bridget is a very believable protagonist_ Her character dominates the story in every way as an autobiographical portrayal can do. Other characters are less lively and intense, but lurk in the background like sleeping tigers ready to pounce. Bridget is always walking the "fine line" between expensive gifts and avoiding imminent dangers from her "friends" and their exploits with danger. With the exception of her sister who is almost caught up in the momentum and who is a significant character in the protagonist's struggles - and has her back_

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Tudor Rose
Tudor Rose

Fast paced, complex plot that will keep your mind racing to the final chapter. Set in the
form of a Three Act Theatrical Play, the cast enter and exit exquisitely, leaving the audience (reader) breathless.
From a low-ceiling crowded parlour to the courts of the Queen Elizabeth 1, Doyle takes the
reader on a rumbustious ride in his latest Y. A novel, Tudor Rose. Set in fictional
Gordonsrod and London, UK 1565 - 1566. One year of mystery, intriguing symbols and
signs along with mystery men keep Rose on her toes. Surrounded by fascinating
characters such as the effervescent Aunt Clarence, with a personality as large as her
figure. Then there is best friend, Sybille. Together they determine to move upwards on the
style and money ladder, preferably in London, where their goal is aimed. Everybody
knows the rules of culture and everybody breaks them as plans ebb and flow towards the
ultimate goal - (no spoilers)
The story is filled with beautifully crafted expressions, some hilarious, …”Avis rolled over to
find her breakfast tray too far away on the bedside table… (p 33)
“…It was the support a cold brick might give another in holding up a wall.” (p54)
Speaking pictures:
“…but their eyes ere constantly flicking to the queen like moths trying to reach the
sun.” (p66)
Rose is fast becoming a friend of the fashionable as she reaches for her ultimate goal…to
reach royalty and their palace. Mingling with maids and attendants, her cute smile, kind
words and generosity (of stolen goods) and Sybille’s close encounters yield much
excitement and even their priceless goals! Filled with intrigue, dancing, royal masques,
monasteries and mysterious creatures, this story will take you to another time and place
when life was more of a stage and all the creatures merely players.
A beautifully crafter story worth the reading!
Reviewed by:
Marie Seltenrych B.Min 05/03/2019 Posted on (Early Reviewers)

Love In Hiding

Love in Hiding by
Dianna Holiday
When a Ballerina turns Stable hand and Heads!
Epic read filled with twists and turns as Sarah tries to sort out her life,emotions and future! Her slim build camouflages her tough interior and stubbornness. Those around her, a new equine family, have doubts and
Sarah survives on a thin line that makes her more robust in her determination to prove doubters wrong. Still, she must be on her guard at all times working out who is watching her moment by moment? Her instincts are pumped and she is ready to run at the sound of a gunshot or strange voice! Tension rises quickly as danger encroaches and threatens her world. Flanked by gentle horses and strong personalities working at the stables, dangerous moments rise and fall continually, giving impetus to
the tread and story line. Heart stopping moments take the reader on a journey fraught with intrigue as each character reveals his or her true identity. But what about Sarah’s true heart? That can only be answered by someone who truly feels her heartbeat and who can temper her torn mind, bringing calm to a talented ballerina turned stable hand.
A tempestuous read that will delight readers who adore the beautiful, the determined and those who sometimes cross fine lines in order to bring justice and a safe haven for the pursued. And there is wonderful love lurking in the wings itching to perform!
Marie Seltenrych, Dec 14, 2017 ( )

On The Edge Of Tomorrow

Review: Marie Seltenrych
On the Edge of Tomorrow
Edited by Sara Daniell and Tracy Hewitt Meyer

Nine budding authors bring a smorgasbord of short stories to entice every reader and a variety of age groups.

Emerald Barnes: Love in Death gives antagonist Charity and protagonist Gabe must deal with supernatural issues when letters arrive from the dead. Young love flounders as main characters’ voices are heard  until the mystery is solved and all is revealed. But will these mysterious letters destroy a budding friendship or solder it? Story extends over a year and a half with intrigue.

Elise Manion: A Sister’s love, brings pathos and sibling characters to life as Charlie negotiates his mind into a new era confronted by his new position in life and in the life of his sister and her friend, along with legal beagles. Everyone wants to control his life from this day forward but antagonist Charlie struggles to comply. Facing contemporary issues along with loss and finding his feet again, Charlie must make life changing decisions amid his grieving soul. Issues of anger, rebellion, violence, sibling responsibilities and discovery are played out in his life. Can Charlie make a good decision or will he rebel for ever? Or will he die?Tension packed reading!

Tracy Hewitt Meyer: Tender is the Deception.
Gender confused protagonist/antagonist struggles deeply with the problems of finding out who he or she is and the confrontations to be endured from psychiatrists to paediatricians and countless school counsellors, and the hunger for a true friend in a lonely world.

Caytlyn Brooke : And Then I Blinked: Protagonist Ali must face darkness in a blink and respond to the bleak possibility of an unfulfilled life because of her seizures. Personalised detailed experiences give the reader a close encounter with a near-to-the-edge existence. The tangle between getting the correct medication, generic and branded, take the reader on a sleigh-ride journey, with intense detail.
Readers get a glimpse into the normal running of a hectic household and the care of children, alongside support for Ali. Family wraps itself around their member as she struggles to find her footing in living with uncertainty on a moment by moment basis. Cost in monetary terms, quality of life for a loved one, burden on time and love of family make this a genuine help for people suffering with medical problems.

Jean Booth: Trial
A crime of vengeance and justice! In a heated courtroom, antagonist defendant confronts the jurors with her description of events and her motive for her crime.
Protagonist Kira waits in the wings of her young life for the verdict. Openness and justice are in danger as technicalities overshadow a criminal act. Can the verdict be predicted. Not until the last page. Riveting reading!

Sara Daniell: So It Ends Here!
True test of true love! When a serious accident occurs, Protagonists Connor and Ava’s lives are connected in a dramatic way. Can they connect their dreams or must they separate? Deep decisions must be faced over a period of three years. But what will be the outcome and can they face reality? Can they do what they want to do or what is truly the best for both of them? Read and see!

Landen West: Twelve Months
Protagonist Roman takes the reader on a month by month journey of a romantic.
There is a lot more to this young man as he shares his intimate thoughts, emotions and romantic dreams. He also delves into his grief and loss of family member and how he deals with it. Jealousy issues also arise and Roman. Protagonist Sade, who shares his love of poetry, is his rock. Once again he must find strength to deal with a critical loss! A personalised story with an intriguing ending!

Margaret Nerz Iribarne: Puppets
Eight grader, mysterious antagonist shares intense self-esteem issues as the teen battles gender identification questions! Teen banter is hot on the list as Protagonist Brad uses puppets in an attempt to impress and a skit turns meaningful.  The antagonist rethinks the part to play in this drama and eventually makes a move.

John Darryl Winston: The Paternal Order of Dominic
Protagonist Dominic III is surprised when his religious robed passenger reacts in ways that he never could expect or fathom. What this passenger, an old man with flowing white hair says and does astounds the teen so much that he almost crashes the vehicle! Jazz is on the agenda for a wake and later at a bar. Dominic is not prepared for a profound invitation that connects across generations and transformations are the new trend as emotions shudder and the joint is vaporised.
Authors nine are one
Taking reader on the road
To rethinking Life

Dec 2017

The Yoga of Max's Discontent

From the hub and bustle of New York’s 59th street to the slippery slopes of the Himalayas, Bajaj takes us on a stimulating and intense journey of mind, body and spirit.
Protagonist Max almost lighter-heartedly and spontaneously takes on a completely new and dangerous journey to find inner sanctum and outward tranquility, finding extra-ordinary new strengths for each hurdle that confronts in his determined search upwards on a path fraught with slippery curves.  
Bringing together sounds, tastes and aromas of danger in dark streets to the fresh air of Gomukh we collide with a variety of interesting characters, like Viveka the man who stirs his pot and Max’s heart to a strange and compelling Indian army officer, Max takes us deep into his world and his search for his own reality.
Descriptive, intense and unrelenting, Max will take you on his life-changing journey to unimaginable peaks and deep valleys.
This is an ‘expedition-experience’ that will fascinate you and challenge your world in every radiant and dark facet.
Karan Bajaj has put his heart and soul into this creation to stimulate his readers’ thoughts and senses to see a new world opening up beyond busy worlds and even wildest imaginations.

Review by Marie Seltenrych (Author and publisher)
March, 14th 2016

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