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Who is Brush Poo? Is there a clue?

Jet away with Lockie Tobes and Jou as they discover amazing sights in outer space. Getting lost is not a problem for Aussie Roo, the famous rocket ship from Australia, but when it just will not go, they are keen to find out more from Brush Poo, who has a latrine full of advice for them. In the meantime, Mum, Dad and grandparents are keen to see the photos, but will they make it back home in time for Winter holidays? Read it and see how much fun kids have when they "rule" the cosmos! (with a dog)

Follow the Aussie Roo into space to find out what goes on above our heads!

Lockie, Tobes and Jou are three ordinary persons (and one dog) who love adventure. Can they return safely from their space adventure? Will they meet the famous Brush Poo and not be offended (sniff...!!) What will their Mum and Dad think when they return with lots of great photos of outer space? If they do not find a way to blast off they may have to spend an eternity on a very smelly planet. Read it and see what happens to fun kids who love to rule (and a dog - woof)

Please do not be offended by the portrait of an unknown Aboriginal man in my Blog.

No bad intentions are meant in any way if this man reminds you of someone you know. I show no disrespect to coloured people and ask that you forgive any indiscretion you think you may find here. I respect the original folk who lived in this land before others arrived. God bless you all.

Remember, I have an Irish heritage and being a portrait painter has been part of my life since age 3 or 4 when I drew girls in fine dresses. It is simply my artistic expression. I love bringing an image to life in my art and in books, so it gives me immense enjoyment. When I created this picture I loved every moment and learned a lot about skin colour, people's expressions and the difficult in bringing an image to life. I fell in love with this painting and will always treasure it.