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Amazon Titles Created Here
Amazon Titles Created Here

Click on Amazon to see the long line of books I created here. Some are titles of friends too, who are also beloved by me. I would do anything for them, especially my dearest friend in all the world, Noeleen. She has unknowingly helped me to create vibrant titles because of our happy school days. She made them sweeter and with such enjoyment that it is hard to express. She is a gem that cannot be duplicated.

One day I will create some children's stories that actually tell what we did. Until now, that has been our secret. There is a time for every purpose under Heaven. Children today have far less freedom and need to know there is a more fun way to enjoy school days. Of course we did get into trouble many times, but had each other's back, like when we were told to tell our dads to come and retrieve the hay stacks that we were accused of destroying. We had only wrecked one and boys told this tale to their headmaster, who told our headmistress. But, we never spoke a word to our dads... sorry Dads. The hay stacks were still there later, so we were off the hook. Luckily seasons change and haystacks go out of interest to priests and school teachers. Nobody brought this up again, thankfully. We continued our joyful playtime at the church, river and other places of interest to children who loved adventure and enjoyed our short childhood lives.

Latest product below: Quest & Crown for you, prince and princesses.

They call this shopping page "Spotlight" and it is a difficult place to find since they renovated. The blue link gets you there. There are other titles down the page at Lulu. All of these are still available either in digital format or print. Lulu's printing service is impressive over the years. One of my Runaway Princesses editions was printed in France and as I pointed out, my Golden Rings book was printed in Sweden (on the delivery tag). So they do their homework to get the best price and good quality products. Sadly they are not printed in Australia as we seem to be too expensive even for our own books. But, who can afford more than the best price? Not anybody I know. Maybe after Covid we will get on the bandwagon in Australia a bit more and print our products at a better cost price. Jobs for all, yeah!

Above you can see some of the books I created over the years at Lulu Since 2007.  I have used their services and I do appreciate that. My new edition of Golden Rings... is not visible yet. I can get it for you at this stage and will place it here when the system, ie. gets it sorted.

According to Lulu, it will also be available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other online bookstores. Watch this space as we used to say...

Hi lovely friends,

I am very excited to get my one copy of a hard cover edition of Five Golden Rings & A Diamond. I had to wait almost a month and thought it had been stolen!

Yesterday it arrived. I am delighted with the way Lulu has presented this edition and it will be a good keepsake for future family members.

I had to take pictures with my iPad as my phone refused to cooperate!

These are done at night with a light, so are not as good as I wanted, but it gives you an idea of its profile.

Thanks for stopping by. My door is always open. Come in and have a chat and a cuppa.


You want to write? Hints on how to do it!

Introduction to writing stuff

Creating Characters  or protagonists (leading men or women)

Itchy Fingers
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Character Creation 2
Character Creation 2

In this picture we see a young man with style. Look at his eyes. He is also a thinker, and has compassion by his expression. This type of character is a born leader and could be depicted as a entrepreneur, a hard working visionary. He is strong in form and stature and you could easily engage with this character in your story.

With characters, it is necessary to give some idea of their appearance, height, build; even dress code can depict a character. Remember Columbo? He was the detective with his long trench coat and piercing eyes that missed nothing. This character above is a bit more dreamy and could be a very popular Bachelor type, or someone who drives an expensive vehicle and has riches beyond measure. But, he is also humble inside and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Maybe he needs a little encouragement by an attractive lady from time to time, or a male who has a different profile. Now, you can have your counterpart protagonist, who will act as an anchor for your first character, stabilize his driven motives, etc. Don't create clones of your characters in each other, except if this is a focal point in your story about doppelgangers.

Regarding background of your character, I feel we don't need to know every bit of information. In fact, you can keep some of his mysterious past out of the current picture, so that the reader does not get a mixed view of the protagonist, just the view you are focussed on as the author.  In my Quest & Crown, Garty has not revealed his background and I have done this for good reason. I want the reader to see him as he is now and now judge him for what he was in a "previous life". In fact I have not quite decided what his former life was, but I have some inkling.

Your character must speak to your heart at all times. Would this character do such and such? Questions must be asked before throwing your character into the wrong setting. If they get into the wrong setting, they need to get out, so you can do that as well. But, keeping his qualities intact is a must. Another problem with characters is their dress codes. You will need to return to previous pages to ensure the outfit he was wearing coming into the room or house is the same as when he leaves, or mention the fact of a change of garments. How your character dresses is definitely an issue for authors. I remember reading (briefly) a novel that told of a great wedding. Inside the wedding (bridesmaids) garments were blue and on the front cover they were yellow!  That is one reason why I try to design my own covers and not leave it up to someone who might not have read the whole story and get it skewed. How this can happen is startling and I cannot understand why the author did not pick this up. I have seen another cover where the picture of a woman and a man was faulty - the woman had her arms in three places! So, authors, you are the captain of your ship, your book, your novel and story, so the buck stops here, with the author.

Marie  3 March 2021

Character Creation
Character Creation

27 Feb 2021

During the past year I have noticed that when one needs a character for a plot, past memories or imagination play a big part in that. To find a protagonist, a person who suits the profile needed for the story, script or blog story, you make all the decisions about it. Listen to your gut, heart, imagination and experiences in life to formulate your character.

For example, I find that with practice I can switch over to a different character depending on what I want to involve myself in writing about. In Quest & Crown I definitely needed a strong male whose activities are central to the story. Being a female is an advantage here as I have formed my opinions and ideas for a long time, since I was a child in fact, possibly more subconsciously than consciously, i.e. without having to think too much about it. Our ideas are formed by what we have known since our childhood, and with some folk that may be a long memory. I remember clearly my brother, who was one year younger than me. He was always in trouble and he did things I could never do, like pulling all the legs off a daddy long legs spider. I used to almost weep when he did that. He was about 3 years of age and I was 4. I can remember that clearly and know that tells me my idea of male is more ruthless, daring and even a little nasty. My idea of the female in that scenario is that I was very emotional about the little spider losing his legs and bobbing about with only a little round body.

So, think about your story, what is the main character type, male, female, brave, daring, scared (yes a good one), champion, nasty (ugh!) If you want a nasty protagonist, try to make him or her multi-sided personality, i.e, some things make her or him more compassionate, so they have a point where their mean nature stops and a new one emerges. If you watch TV you can see these types of characters readily in soaps. The men are a bit silly, opinionated, cold at times and then they fall into an emotional trap and another side emerges. (Think of Becker or Fraser) They are compelling characters because they depict what we might see partially every day of our lives. Our own brothers, fathers, friends, neighbours, etc. These are all in part similar to a good character for a story, but maybe a bit lacking for suspense.

So, get your character into your story, make him or her tall, short, good looking, man next door or girl next door type. Decide what you want to impress your story and the other characters you create. Blonde, dark, hairless, etc. Also, apply skin colour and type, hairy, smooth. Smooth seems to be popular, smooth and muscular is a good choice, or lean and lovely. If your character needs to do climbing or running, remember to create these attributes as well. Also, eye colour and type, sleepy, (sexy) wide eyed (funny) smiley (clever), starer (detective). Draw a mock up if you want to. Or, head off to images from Pixabay and look for your character type. You will know if he or she is there.

Male model on side is very distinct, you can imagine his wide smile. Captivating personality. The girl is also captivating, sweet, with a hint of adventurer.

Both of these could be a protagonist for a novel, romance, historical, sci-fi (male), contemporary story, young adult fantasy, and even historical romance or adventure (with different clothing) and a new hairdo. The eyes are important and having their eyes sorted, you are 50% on your way.

The young woman in black and white has the appearance of being stubborn (mouth) adventurous (hair wet), thoughtful (eyes away) and unpredictable (head position). She could be dressed up to impress anyone, and take on a task that might surprise everyone. It is up to you how you create your great women, men or young person in your story.

I hope this has helped you to get your story started. Let me know if you think this is helpful please.  Marie

Introduction to creating characters for stories or blogs.

Every day I have itchy fingers! I want to write something, to communicate with the world out there, hopefully waiting for something interesting to happen!

If you are like me and have itchy fingers, you also want to make hay while the sun shines (not raining). So, I am about to compose a blog for those of us who want to write, have ideas but are not sure where these ideas need to find a place in the world. As a writer, I believe this is such a good and quiet way to communicate our ideas to and for each other.

Do you want to write a blog about something you love? Knitting, sewing, making great coffee? Even telling stories?

If "Yes" is your answer, this is for you.

Every day I have expectations of myself. I should write so many words and type very fast so that I get there!  Sadly my thoughts far outnumber my typing speeds. I do have a great typing speed and that has been borne from my life as a typist, from the old Barlock, or Remington typewriters to keyboards today. I find keyboards irritating and not half as delightful to pound as the old Barlock (remember the round keys that looked more like a motor car part?).

If you want to blog, work out why you wish to do so? We all need to communicate with each other and blogging is so natural for people who need to connect with their counterparts all over the globe. Remember, as human beings we need to communicate in whatever ways we can do so.

If you are a born story teller (which I am supposed to be), then you need to write about something that interests you.  I have tried so many different ways of writing, using speech, pictures, and of course words. At night when I cannot sleep I find my characters emerging and I set the scene with the characters present, in the kitchen, garden, shop, or wherever. I have used this tried and tested way to create plots, and to bring the characters together through verbal communication. Interestingly I have rarely used telephone or other communication processes. It reflects the era I grew up in, the telephone was a luxury that few of my friends could gain access to. We had public phone boxes that called for your money to get it working. I never used this method as I felt too poor probably. I remember my mother used to rush across the road in our little town, Leixlip, to take a call from the 'Phone box from my father, who left for work in Birmingham in 1951/52. She used to get so excited, smoking like a chimney. Sometimes she used the phone from the local hairdresser, Mrs Turley, whose daughter was my friend later in primary school. She was a beautiful person in every way. I doted on her with her golden wavy hair and long slim legs. My hair was straight and brown and my legs were short like me.

If you want to write a story that has been niggling your emotions for a while, begin by writing things down. Use the computer if you have one, or scribble things down.

Characters are the most important part of the story. I will go systematically through the process that I use to get my characters up from the words into real active personal people.

I was watching a programme about iconic shows and some of the producers seem to use characters they had met in a situation, such as a restaurant or other meeting place. Personally I like to develop my own characters with their own personalities. 

I will demonstrate this in the first session.    

Quest & Crown published in print and digital at Amazon

These are the links to my Quest & Crown editions, digital and print. I am in the throes of creating the sequel to this story as I am enjoying it very much.

I am also working on another genre, a dark story with the protagonist being a young captive who has no idea what is happening in the outside world for nine years. I am allowing the protagonist to take me on her journey and it is rather therapeutic for my mind.

I trust everyone is keeping alive and well despite this horrible virus creeping through our doors and windows. I wish the world every success in conquering this pandemic.

If you have any suggestions as to how I can get more reviews for my books, that would be appreciated.

You can see that I have created my first podcast (Yay!) so you can hear my voice croaking away like a frog. You are important to me, and I write for you.

You can contact me on email or (Thanks in advance) Marie S xxxx

Rattler journey
Rattler journey

This is part of the Mary Valley, Queensland (near Gympie). How peaceful it looks out there, completely unaware of the stress and turmoil everyone in the world has experienced in 2020. This was taken on 2nd December 2020 (our anniversary).

Life is a journey and there are hills and dales that we must face daily. On our journey we found beautiful scenery, lovely people and fine food. Not everyone has these opportunities and we must remind ourselves to be continually grateful in Australia (especially Queensland) for such fortune. Our lives are indeed fortunate and lucky here. People are kind and good hearted, longing to help out when we are down. For us, this year ended quietly, like the paddocks above, yet turbulent as the rattling train clicks on its journey to the end of the line. We all want this year to be over, the journey ended, but we must hang on as the road ahead becomes every more rocky and troubles rise and fall. Christmas is such a special time, yet it reeks of problems for so many who are alone, sad, depressed and those who cannot meet their loved ones for various reasons. Especially for those whose family is overseas and a zoom chat or face time is the most they can expect. (Thanks Cyprus!!) It is lovely of course, but how much better to see people in reality, share a meal or chat, or even a forbidden hug! We are, after all, mostly human and sometimes superior! (Or think we are) We are frail and our emotions are vulnerable to attack from without and within. This year has good points,  we are more resilient and understand our fragility better.  We realize that we cannot survive alone, or without love.  I would say that we are glad to get through 2020 and hope for the best in 2021.  I am sure we will get on with our lives and keep our heads above water, with a little help from one another. "No man is an island" and we must carry each other's burdens if we are able to. The old rattler has been lovingly restored and put into a fun service, so we too can be restored and serve each other again.

Hi, Friends in Lockdown,

New Blog 14 September 2020

New Blog 3 September 2020

New blog today 2 September 2020

New blog entered today 31st July 2020 "Lock Your Doors"

13 July 2020 "Breath of Life"

God bless.

Welcome back. 

Welcome to New visitors especially. May 13  2020

Sunshine is such an important factor for everyone in this time of pandemic, depression, anxiety and despair spreading all over the globe. To see the light of the sunshine in the early morning (later morning for me as I slept in), is such an uplifting moment.

I want everyone to experience an uplifting moment today. Something that brings hope and light into our "Eternal Night" times.

I do not wish to preach to anyone, but simply to share God's Word, for God knows, we need hope in our lives, eternal hope to take us through these difficult times and to bring us forward into a brighter future.

In the beginning, God said, "Let there be light" and there was light.

"Let lights appear in the sky to separate the day from the night."

"Let these lights from the sky shine down on the earth"

"God made two great lights, the larger one to rule the day and the smaller one to govern the night." (Sun and moon to us)

Jesus said, "I am the light of the world." 

"The light shines in the darkness and the darkness can never extinguist it."   

Let each one remember that today is a new day and the sun is shining somewhere around the world, bringing hope, warmth, light and life to all living creatures. May the Lord's light shine in your life today.       Marie xx


Quotes from: Genesis 1:3, 14, 15, 16, John 8:12, John 1:5

This is the newest edition to our garden, a rose that smells lovely. This rose has been fed on hot water bottle water (cooled down) used for our cats in their habitations at night. Yes, they are spoiled a lot.

But, my beloved planted this rose a few weeks ago and it is blooming already. Our weather is fabulous thank the Lord, right now. And at night the place here is so quiet at long last! Everyone is scared I suppose, and bedtime is earlier, without any regulations here. We are all sympathetic towards those in Victoria, so that is weighing on our hearts and minds.

I want to do some kind of instruction to those who like to learn. Yes, I am still learning at 72! So if you are younger than me, or a bit older, there is no reason why you should not keep learning, every day.

I have been trying to get some posts on an old Facebook site I set up years ago (2012) that I had forgotten about. Well, I put some posts there and they disappeared, just like my story I am getting published shortly. A story about a vanished princess who is now vital for the kingdom's welfare. When you think about it, we are all valuable, just like this little rose and the small plaque nearby. Someone was involved in creating these things and the creator of "things" is valuable. You are valuable and I believe every moment in time is recorded for eternity. It is a big ask of God to keep all records in order, but when you think about it, it is a realistic notion. If we were in court, we would need an alibi for a certain time or evening. So with our lives, we would need an alibi for every moment to persuade God to let us into the Kingdom! (next topic I hear some of you saying). I have learned that the Lord "was crucified" in effect before the creation of the world. (Revelation) However it did not happen for 4 thousands years after creation. It seems like a rubix cube of a thought, but it makes sense when it is all put together.

Now, I have ordered 3 copies of my books that I published from yesterday. I was happy with the price of $19 but when the exchange kicked in and then the postage, it rose up to $50.90 AU, which was a bit of a shock, but I have ordered the books as I don't have copies of all my books. These are proofs, so were a little cheaper at I can understand why I don't have lots of copies of my own books - the cost! It is prohibitive in some cases as we don't have in print books, which is what we still like as we grew up with them.

I will show you on another page how to get a cover the way you want to get it. I am not very good at doing videos of myself but am keen to learn a bit more. I can take shots and show you so that you too can be as smart as me.

In the meantime, read my blogs for a little smattering of hope in these hopeless days. Marie


Podcast from Marie

  11Feb 2021                  

Runaway Princesses happenings