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Welcome back. 

Welcome to Newbie visitors especially. April 1 2020


April Fool's Day today! Nobody is making jokes in my world. Everyone has a sad face. The Pandemic has taken hold of our hearts, lives, loved ones, freedom, finances, dreams and whole world.

How we wish we lived on Mars now! Far away from this dreaded enemy that keeps turning up unseen and unexpectedly. The "virus of disruption" is a suitable name for Covid 19.

Years ago there was a TV show called "Are you Being Served" and one of the comments continually used was, "Are you free?" to the customer service. It was so funny then. Rarely did we see a customer, so it added to the laughter. Now we are all hoping to be free from Covid 19, with its .1 micron size that nobody can detect with the naked eye. And how dreadful are its destructive forces world wide, unbelievable.

However, today is another special day. Through analysis of the Scriptures and detective work, this date could well be the actual birth date of Jesus.

I have heard many arguments but I stick to my detective work, carried out through the Scriptures when I was a young Christian in the 1980's.

Not surprised? I am not because Jesus was taken for a fool, a bunny (another derogatory title because he had to die for us). I don't have Jesus' birth certificate but certainly this is a possibility even if the calendar times have changed a little over the years. I also know two other old friends who have a birthday today, Ellen and Finbar, wherever you are today, Happy Birthday. You are in good company. May your year be a blessed one.

In the meantime, for everyone who is unwell, may the Lord be with you. For those who are well but alone, may the Lord keep you at peace. For those who are in still free of the virus, I wish you to stay free by the power of the Prince of Freedom, Jesus. For those who have recovered from Covid 19, God bless you and keep you safer still.

Marie xx