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Hi, my name is Marie Seltenrych-nee Rafferty from the little village of Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland. I was born and raised in Ireland.

I live near Margate Beach, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia since 2002. To wake up to rolling waves and rising sunshine is a wonderful experience.

For years I have been writing stories and really enjoying myself with my strange and vivid imagination.  When I was a young lass in Ireland (Leixlip) I attended the local Primary School headed by Mrs Comyn and Mrs Gallagher. I did very well and in my last year (grade 6) I was constantly asked to keep the younger girls happy by supervising. I used to make up a story and continue it another time. Mrs Comyn (R.I.P) came in and bless her heart, encougaged mine by saying, "How do you keep everyone so quiet?" Of course, I did not tell her that I was amusing the kids with a imagination story. I wonder if anyone from those classes can remember those days? I am one of the lucky ones who can recall a lot from my younger days, but many cannot do so, and of course, it was a special treat for me to take over a classroom. Sadly our family was too poor to offer me education to become a teacher. In 1971, Australia called and I arrived in Sydney in May (13) with a bag of home made clothes and $60 (30 Irish pounds). I was totally happy!

P.S. the reason why I like this picture is the name of the shop (Jo Lo's). My two sisters' shortened names! Dolores and Josephine. Two of the lovliest women in the world. How nice. I wish they owned the shop. Ha ha.