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Welcome to my web pages.

Here you can find books by me and a few beautiful friends who also love to write books to help others.

All my good intentions for this year simply melted like ice cream. But, there is hope as we remember Jesus Christ and why he took the time to visit earthlings 2,000 years ago. Now, what are my new resolutions... to give hope to as many people on earth as possible. That's what God still does! If God is happy, He sends joy and happiness to people. How amazing is God?

This Christmas let us all remember each other, those in need, suffering, lost and living in despair. The Bush fires in Australia are still reeking havoc! The worst losses are people we love dearly. 

Reach out by a smile and a friendly gesture. Let us abandon anger, jealousy, hatred, road rage and every kind of rage, and replace them with kindness, love, giving and careful conversations that edify others. Remember too that Jesus Christ, now glorified, remains the same forever. Holy Spirit (Spirit of Jesus) remains on earth to help us fledgling earthlings...

Love, Marie x

Dec 2019

animated-koala-image-0011 Koalas are endangered.