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 Golden Rings

For those who love this book, it can be downloaded free here.

Reviewed by Wendy O'Halloran, Provincial Newspapers who said,

"More than a mere touch of the Irish in this work! There's so much energy and life and laughter in this story. Irish-born Aussie author Marie Seltenrych has created a memorable character in the form of Irish woman Niamh, who braves a new life in Australia. Though she endures more than her fair share of life's burdens there is real decency in this woman, real Irish fire. The dialogue is sharp, witty, fast-paced and yet heart warming at times. Seltenrych is a born storyteller."

Wendy O'Hanlon, Australian Provincial Newspapers

for Marie Seltenrych, B.Min, Malyon College, Brisbane.

Moeder en kind voor een tent, Bestanddeelnr 191-0828

These are the people who were around in 1952 when I met a tinker for the first time. I was four years old.

I was shocked that someone would be poorer than we were, even at my tender age. This little girl depicts my protagonist as I imagined her.

Five Golden Rings & A Diamond is a revealing story, not your ordinary romance story.

Even though I lived in Ireland I was shocked to hear family members calling these people, "Vermin". They are not a different skin colour, yet they are despised and recognized by the Irish.

Basically they are homeless and poverty stricken, with nowhere to go. But, they are a fiercely proud people who used to travel around fixing pots and pans, basically tinkering. I remember them in 1954 bringing their talents to the locals.

They have origins from deep in history and now we can know more about them. Other homeless folk, like Mad Murray a local man with autism, joined them for company. (He died later, R.I.P)

They also have their own language, a mix of Irish and the Secret Language of Tinceards (Shelta). I found a great record written in 1936 (Thanks is attributed in my printed editions) and have used some of these sayings in Five Golden Rings & A Diamond.

During the creation of my story, I chose my protagonist to defy her poverty culture and to choose a new pathway. But, as we all know, changing direction in life if never easy. Old habits stick and soon my protagonist was in another relationship of discrimination.

Discrimination and racism were common when  I was a child. It still breaks my heart today to see the travellers being shunned by the great hearted Irish people.

It is time to stop this nonsense and recognize these folk for their human qualities, give them a house, a bed and food. That is what they need. Maybe a job as well.

My little contribution of Five Golden Rings & A Diamond is a small contribution to change the world of tinkers and to give them a "fair go".

This is the cover attached to the free book on

The eBook does not have all the details about the book's provinance. That is why I have added the information about the discriminated against people group in Ireland (still there I believe). Racism and discrimination could be called out here.


Please note, this is the Hardcover Edition. It is 1.75" thick. (Width) It weighs 1 Kilo or 2.25lbs (for posting).This price allows me .40 cents profit for Global distribution. I can get you a better price if you contact me personally via email. Thanks. Marie

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