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This is one of the pictures I drew using Wacom Intuos tablet_ No AI back then a few years ago.

Am revising this story again for D2D purposes as it has not been revised for some time.

Will let fans know asap.

Happy Mothers Day folks - May 14 in Australia
For artists who want to draw eagle wings here is a link and it is free_ God bless Freakzter_ Simple Wing Lines By Freakzter
Friday, February 26 2021
Face To Face

From the very beginning of time, humans have had the essential need to communicate.

If we look in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, we see that Adam was created in the image of God. Interestingly, God says, "Let US make man in our image"

which gives the indication that God is One, yet triune (we learn from history here). Also, God had already created the angels (myriads of them) to keep him company. They were not enough for the Lord God. He wanted a human family.

We see that Adam was given the task of naming every animal on his first day. Did he say, "Ga, ga, ba ba, da da?" We think not, as we know that animals types were known from the beginning. I can just see God watching and smiling as Adam met each animal and gave it a pat and a name. (Editor) (Gen 2:19)

Then he was lonely because there was no human to talk to. We do know that some people talk to their pets, cats, dogs, birds, horses, etc. I expect that those who work in zoos or animal shelters talk naturally to the animals they care for. If I was a fish, I would hide immediately someone talked to me! But, at the end of the day, we come home to our dog and our best human friend too, so that we can convey our worries, joys and plans effectively. 

Once the wiley Eve was created (from Adam's rib), God placed her with Adam and finally they could have a good yarn. Now we know that languages were not like they are today, different in so many countries, but always with the same purpose in mind - communication. "Let's do this together" Synergy arrived!

Interestingly, in the beginning, we see that the Lord came to visit Adam and Eve in the evenings! (In the cool of the day). They heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden... (Genesis 3:8) What did they hear? Birds singing for joy, or even the Lord's voice (like running water), or his soft footsteps? What did the Lord say? Hello? Good Evening? We do not know, but we know that he did make a sound because they heard Him. They also knew it was Him! "It's God again! Shucks, always on time!"

From this very short piece of writing preserved for our good, we know that not only did Adam and Eve communicate, but the Serpent communicated with the woman as well. (Did some animals speak a language that was understandable?"

Adam may have heard the conversation as well, but kept his cool. He waited to see what might happen to his new, beautiful wife, whom he is supposed to love and protect. Just like so many of us today, we are waiting to see the outcome of the Covid 19 vaccine! What is going to happen next? Of course we hear about the turmoil going on in nursing homes, but we hear little of all the good things that are happening. There was a feast for their eyes and belly in the Garden of Eden, but they wanted the one piece of fruit that was not allowed (forbidden). They had to have it!

We need to communicate with each other, face to face, like Adam and Eve and the Lord Almighty (Jesus) in the Garden of God. This is a basic human need and we should make every effort to speak to another soul today. During 2020 communication all over the globe changed from personal, face to face, to digital communication by voice or face time. People became very canny in using their mobile phones (cells) to reach out and keep in touch with a grieving world.

God made us to communicate with each other and with God himself. God knew what had happened when Adam and Eve hid behind vine leaves in the garden, because they rebelled against their creator, causing an eternal rift that hurt mankind and God himself badly. In fact Eve instigated the first rebellion and Adam jumped in, boots and all. He saw that Eve did not die as predicted "You shall surely die" the Lord had said. Well, she was still alive, but their eyes or conscience was enlightened and they knew "They were naked" and hid. Eventually, after almost a thousand years, they died anyway. God was most gracious giving them so many years to think things over!

Communication remains the most important necessity of human beings! It was the first obstacle overcome in Creation. (2:18) Now we can communicate face to face and digitally as we please (once our gadgets are plugged in and/or charged).

Communicating with our creator was never the same again, but it has been restored magnificently by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. (Everything was made for Jesus: John 1:1) Today, we can freely communicate with God through His Holy Spirit at any time, day or night.  "Ask me anything and I will do it," (John 14:13) and "...for the Father himself loves you dearly  because you love me." (John 16:27) 

We call it prayer.  Intercessory prayer. Praying for needs of self and others.

If anyone needs prayer, please let me know and I shall talk with the Lord Jesus Christ on your behalf in my prayer time.

Jesus ever lives and reigns to make intercession for us from Heaven. (Hebrews 9:24)

P.S. Pic from Pixabay thanks Gary.

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Thursday, February 18 2021
Dreams and messages

A woman from my past challenging me by intimidation, "Did you want to include the 1c you contributed?";  little pieces of white paper that tasted fizzy on my tongue, but were gone (turned to cardboard) when I offered one to someone, and a crocodile...?

Now, I am adult enough to know that dreams are a re-enactment of our lives in the real world (when we are awake), and I can usually figure the dream out by relating it in a convoluted way to something that actually happened recently. My figures for working out bills, someone returning recently, a tray of salty crackers and the story of a beautiful white haired man eaten by a crocodile in Northern Territory (A tragic story.  My heart went out to his plight and family. I shed a tear for them all and wished the croc had been killed earlier)

I had this dream in three pictures and one revelation as I woke up. It happened in a moment of time, of realization and infinite knowledge that I could never obtain if I searched in outer space or underneath the sea, or on the land for a thousand years.

The realization or inspirational sight for me was the impossibility of evolution and of the fittest beating the weakest and only the surviver survives. (Might work in tennis for a while)

If this theory was actually fact, "Evolution"  would mean that man had to be the biggest, fastest, most monstrous and most dangerous in order to survive attacks from monsters and dangerous animals, one on one! 

This is the revelation that I had as I woke from my dream: It was simply "understood" in a moment.

If the theory of evolution was based on actuality or fact, (which it is not) there would be a world crawling with dinosaurs (the biggest ones) sitting on top of a great big hill, surrounded by the largest crocodiles (who have by now eaten their fill of every little  human fleshy creature). Of course they would have devoured every other animal as well! There would be no bunnies, cats, dogs, birds, little fishes, flies, spiders, lady bugs, daddy longlegs, moths, butterflies, bees, ants!  In fact our world that began like a dream, with huge creatures smiling at little people, would have soon ended in a nightmare of only the fittest, the fastest and the biggest alive today. It would not take more than one lifetime (70 years to end everything human at the most!)

It is a irrefutable fact that without a law of order and sanity, there would be no human beings here at all. We know that lawlessness ends in disaster and the animal laws are truly survival of the fittest when there is food shortage. But, even animals have their own territories and laws that others dare not oppose. (Another blow for Evolution)

I have just looked at a chart depicting the evolutionary theory, with a little blob becoming a great big lion over the years, alongside the runty little human being growing into the sort of athletic man we know today (Oh my poor birth canal). It is so engaging that it has become the "norm" for people. The problem with this type of information is that people think it is safe now, we are superior, yet we know deep down that in a battle between a croc and a man, the croc will win (unless there are lots of men, which could not be the case if we were evolving for a million years without all our facultys.  If we did not have everything we needed to defend ourselves we would be literally dead meat before we got into the second globy state.)

Jesus says, "Wake up, sleeper and Christ will give you light," which gives a warning: "Don't live like fools, but like those who are wise."   (Ephesians 5:14,15)

Let everyone who reads this wake up and see the light of life, Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is the one who enlightens us, as Christ Jesus is seated on high in Heaven and the Holy Spirit (Christ's Spirit) will show you things you never dreamed about (as you wake you will get the inspiration that nobody else can give you).

God is aware of every moment of our lives,  even if we have forgotten some of it. God knows everything and we should first of all go to God Almighty (revealed in the Bible) to find out truth before the evil day takes us away. Can 2020 be a good example of this? I think so.

If you want more help with dreams, you can contact me and I will try to help you if possible.  Marie

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Annals of the WorldAnnals of the World by James Ussher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this record of the world. This edition is rather large, but I have read through a lot of its pages. I mainly use it as a reference for Biblical facts and world facts. It could be called my "Fact checker". Because of its antiquity, it rates itself and is blatantly honest.
Lately I have been using the Appendix F. MAPS for Iona and Western Asia Minor, which are of interest to my study. I have also studied the Conquests of Thrace and the Euxine, and Conquests of Alexander.
Every Bible student and those who want to set records straight would benefit from owning one of these volumes. I look forward to seeing more editions that are easier to manage. This one is not a hardcover volume, but paperback and a little frail. I definitely would prefer the hardcover edition as it gets a lot of work, going in and out of my bookshelves.
Revised and Updated by Larry and Marion Pierce, November, 2006. They are amazing people. May God bless them. And, being of Irish birth, I am surprised and delighted to know Ussher was born in Dublin, 11 miles from where I was given birth (Leixlip).

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