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This is one of the pictures I drew using Wacom Intuos tablet_ No AI back then a few years ago.

Am revising this story again for D2D purposes as it has not been revised for some time.

Will let fans know asap.

Happy Mothers Day folks - May 14 in Australia
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Friday, October 22 2021
Get Into The Rescue Boat

So, how many people really know about their own genealogy?

How few of us know who our great great grandparents were, let alone way back then over 6,000 years ago.

Maimonides (Jewish records) gives the date of creation as 3761 (243 years less than Ussher at 4004 as creation date)

It does not seem as a great number of years, but it does matter to the population. (Maybe 1500 souls extra on earth if we have these extra years)

The other day I did a calculation about populations after looking at Youtube statistics.

Two persons can generate over 500 new people in 80 years and they may all be alive. That is a conservative figure.

We can see that generations can easily ramp up over the years and time frames.

When you look at the Biblical Book of Genesis, it will surprise those who do not read the Bible, their own genealogy so as to speak, and to see that Adam was 130 years of age when Seth was born. Seth was like his father in every way (written as such).

Seth had a good heart and adam enjoyed his son for 800 years. Imagine the celebratory dinners they would have had?

Of course there is no record of all the women who gave birth to all the men in the world. The forgotten ones!

His top dog son was Enosh and Seth enjoyed his son for 807 years.

That was the pattern of the Old World. Before the Flood!

The flood came around 1491 years after the creation of our ancestors, Adam and Eve and all their decendants.

Ussher (Bishop) puts the date on Friday, 23 October, interestingly as today is 23rd (in our "Western" calendar), the surface of the earth was once again dry.

Noah was 601 years of age.

We can barely imaging how old that is.

Of course the atmosphere was different (no rain until the flood) and lots of archeological differences, like land masses etc. It is an enormous task to work out what was the earth's atmosphere back then. We need more research into our own cartography beneath the seas.

The evidence points to tropical places with indications of fine mild weather pre flood era. (The ground was watered by a mist from springs and also the Eden River in the Land of Eden to water the ground)  Gen: 2:6,10. What a wonderful picture this was, a garden nourished by its own river... I have never seen this picture of Eden.

But, we all know how important watering our garden is!

Now, the time had changed and the old world was gone completely, washed away with its people and its bones and its many sins.

We often think God is too distant from us. Well, that is totally incorrect.The Holy Spirit is as close to us as our next breath, (Romans 10:9).

As we see the Covid 19 virus still trapping people and trying to kill them without regard to who they are, we must call on the Lord of Heaven to "put us in the boat" just like Noah and his puny family (8 souls) sent out to repopulate the earth. If Noah could see that now there are over 8 Billion souls on earth, he would be busily calculating how this happened, and it did, it has and it is. (See this amazing video - )

In 197 years the population has shot from 1,055,5535,542 (just over 1Billion) to 7,920,2132,706  (increased by almost 7 billion) (year from 1824 - 2021 )

The human race is literally racing into its future.

Get in the boat for the next chapter of earth, a place that has changed and is new once again as the Covid19 is vanquished.

It is up to you younger ones to repopulate the earth again. Do not delay but get in the vaccine boat.

Until Jesus returns...

P.S I just had my second AZ vaccine and I felt on top of the world. I am in the boat!

Thanks to Pixabay for pic.

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Annals of the WorldAnnals of the World by James Ussher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this record of the world. This edition is rather large, but I have read through a lot of its pages. I mainly use it as a reference for Biblical facts and world facts. It could be called my "Fact checker". Because of its antiquity, it rates itself and is blatantly honest.
Lately I have been using the Appendix F. MAPS for Iona and Western Asia Minor, which are of interest to my study. I have also studied the Conquests of Thrace and the Euxine, and Conquests of Alexander.
Every Bible student and those who want to set records straight would benefit from owning one of these volumes. I look forward to seeing more editions that are easier to manage. This one is not a hardcover volume, but paperback and a little frail. I definitely would prefer the hardcover edition as it gets a lot of work, going in and out of my bookshelves.
Revised and Updated by Larry and Marion Pierce, November, 2006. They are amazing people. May God bless them. And, being of Irish birth, I am surprised and delighted to know Ussher was born in Dublin, 11 miles from where I was given birth (Leixlip).

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