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Friday, July 31 2020
Lock Your Doors

Hi Everyone,

What a time to be alive! I heard yesterday that we have the first negative GDP since the year I was born! That is not good news. In fact, the only good news was that we had 1 positive case in Qld after almost 10,000 tests yesterday. I believe this is in response to prayer by the believers in Queensland. We know the truth and it has set us free to pray in Spirit and in Truth as instructed by Jesus.

Where is the hope coming from now? What should we all think about our times and its consequences on our lives today and for ever? In the meantime, there have been three rockets sent to Mars, which is uplifting (pardon the pun). But this is a sign that life must go on for now. It is not the end of the world today.

During this lockdown (self imposed) for safety reasons (Covid19 avoidance) we have been reading through the Book of Revelation (of Jesus Christ) together before bedtime! I have also been looking at Isaiah and the Psalms as they are very inspirational and not full of riddles like the Revelation chapters. (And scary)

I am a nervous of danger and certainly nervous about the pandemic, possibly because I see how the testing is done and it freaks me out to think of someone poking into my brain (up my delicate nasal passages). It is almost unthinkable for peace.

This is the message the Lord has been showing me a few times now:

Go home, my people, and lock your doors. Hide yourselves for a little while until the Lord's anger has passed.

Look! The Lord is coming from heaven to punish the people of the earth for their sins.

The earth will no longer hide those who have been killed.

They will be brought out for all to see.

(Isaiah 26:20,21)

Comment: These verses are very real for those trying to hide from this virus today. Of course the medics are the heroes of the time and all those who must work in the strange environment, so my prayers are also for them. But, if you can, stay indoors as much as possible until this time has passed.

The encouragement in these verses is twofold:

The Lord is returning to punish people for their sins.  (Remember if Jesus died for your sins and you acknowledge Him you are exempt)

The people who have mourned for their dead (killed) will rejoice as they will be brought out for ALL to see. (Halleluia)

This tells us that the dead will rise again and that there is an eternal place and pathway.

In the meantime, stay safely indoors.

Picture taken today in back yard. Lots of hot water bottle water (for our cats bedtime) has made the rose bloom, according to the Gardener (Henry). Love it. Notice the aura around it, which is attributed to the heat/sun.

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