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This is one of the pictures I drew using Wacom Intuos tablet_ No AI back then a few years ago.

Am revising this story again for D2D purposes as it has not been revised for some time.

Will let fans know asap.

Happy Mothers Day folks - May 14 in Australia
For artists who want to draw eagle wings here is a link and it is free_ God bless Freakzter_ Simple Wing Lines By Freakzter
Thursday, June 18 2020

Do Black Lives Matter to God?

Yes, for the Word of the Lord says, "God is no respecter of persons, but all are equal in His eyes." (Romans 2:11)

The word Eve, the first woman, wife of Adam, means, "Mother of all Living", so sorry to disappoint anyone who thinks they are from outer space but every one human being has come from the one woman, Eve.

Many have tried to change our history, but it remains because it is so. God is called, I AM, indicating He is our forever God.

Who do we look like? Not monkeys, or giraffes, or crocodiles, no! We all look like - God!

In a study I remember learning that we are made in the "Image" of God. This word is the same as the imprint on a coin (where royalty are stamped). We know who they are immediately by their imprint shape. That is the same word as we have in Genesis. We are an Imprint of God.

For those who hate deferring from the Scriptures, go and have a coffee or drink now.

I thought about how could God make us from Himself? Then I remembered his son, Jesus. He was a human being, a baby, a boy and a man. As a man he was probably a bit like all our famous footballers, tall dark and handsome! (girls dream on). Now for the imagination part. Jesus lies down face first in the red dirt (Adam is from 'red') and we can all imagine the Pilbarra region now. Red dirt, not black or white, but rosy red. If you lie down in the right surfaces you can make an imprint. Remember how easy it is in sand?

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Annals of the WorldAnnals of the World by James Ussher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this record of the world. This edition is rather large, but I have read through a lot of its pages. I mainly use it as a reference for Biblical facts and world facts. It could be called my "Fact checker". Because of its antiquity, it rates itself and is blatantly honest.
Lately I have been using the Appendix F. MAPS for Iona and Western Asia Minor, which are of interest to my study. I have also studied the Conquests of Thrace and the Euxine, and Conquests of Alexander.
Every Bible student and those who want to set records straight would benefit from owning one of these volumes. I look forward to seeing more editions that are easier to manage. This one is not a hardcover volume, but paperback and a little frail. I definitely would prefer the hardcover edition as it gets a lot of work, going in and out of my bookshelves.
Revised and Updated by Larry and Marion Pierce, November, 2006. They are amazing people. May God bless them. And, being of Irish birth, I am surprised and delighted to know Ussher was born in Dublin, 11 miles from where I was given birth (Leixlip).

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