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This is one of the pictures I drew using Wacom Intuos tablet_ No AI back then a few years ago.

Am revising this story again for D2D purposes as it has not been revised for some time.

Will let fans know asap.

Happy Mothers Day folks - May 14 in Australia
For artists who want to draw eagle wings here is a link and it is free_ God bless Freakzter_ Simple Wing Lines By Freakzter
Thursday, April 28 2022
150 Days+

We hear a lot about God's Love (John 3:16), but God also has a side called "God's Wrath" and it is just as powerful as His Love.

This week we were supposed to be in Sunshine Coast having our break for my birthday. We left the "hotel style" room at Marcoola Beach because it was displeasing to us. Now we are back home pretending to be on holiday, going to Redcliffe streets and eating lots of food. What a beautiful place Redcliffe is once again, with friendly faces everywhere and food in abundance.

When we returned on Saturday, I realized that we would be able to attend the Creation night at the Presbyterian Church in Woody Point. I had noticed the email but put it aside because we would not be here.

For some time I have been asking questions of God. "How did the flood happen?" "How high did it really get to?" The Bible does not give us all the specific details, just the perimeters of the event. Of course those who knew about the flood in the early days knew what happened and not everything was written down for those who were not present.

In the course of the evening, a video from DR Timothy Clarey  (ICR) was shown. (Link above on youtube)

He has written a book I have been trying to get called, "Carved in Stone", I have not had success in finding one available. (I need it!)

His lecture was the most revolutionary event I have experienced since my conversion. He has done mammoth (pun) studies on the flood and come up with such information that it is ground breaking. He is a humble man, like Noah, and obedient to God (his job). I was literally eating up every word and scene he produced on the video. Not only does he explain what happened, he displays unoquivocal evidence of what happened, the crust around our lands, the pancake style layering of the rocks through each tsunami wave. The evidence about every creature and where it stayed during the flood, in its own compartment or level all across the world. The final phase of the flood was the drowning of man and domestic animals around 150 days. After that, the "wash" of the waves retreating happened. The mountains (Everest) were also formed during this rather quick change in our earth. This book shows the shaping of the high mountains at that time. Also, the dinosaurs lived apart from humans and were washed away before mankind (on highest ground) was drowned. He also explains why there are no bones in the deep, because they disintegrate under water. Only those things set in stone remain as a carved mark for our benefit and study.

It was like all my Christmases had come at once.  I do have another project relating to this period that I am procrastinating over.

If you love truth and ask God questions regularly, please remember that God will answer at the right time, in the right place.

God's wrath was "satisfied" by the flood, but God was also saddened that he had to do this for the sake of mankind. His centre in Ohio has a model created of the flood event and it is gob-stopping (for me). Of course, many Christians do not need all this detail, but for those who do, make a real effort to find this man's book and study it. Luke, the writer of the 4th Gospel says, "I myself have carefully investigate everything from the beginning... So that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught," (Luke 1:3) We must be like Luke, investigating at every turn to see what actually did happen.

I am shocked and delighted to know that God has seen into my mind and provided me with spectacular finds in Dr Timothy Clarey, who has diligently ploughed the ground and found the hidden crop. Now, all I have to do is "eat" and share with everyone.

Maybe we can have a holiday again soon. And find that book. Written in 2020.

Don't forget Ukraine folk. Please keep praying for their sorrow and safety.

I love every Ukrainian because they are afflicted.

Image from Pixabay, thank you.

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Annals of the WorldAnnals of the World by James Ussher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love this record of the world. This edition is rather large, but I have read through a lot of its pages. I mainly use it as a reference for Biblical facts and world facts. It could be called my "Fact checker". Because of its antiquity, it rates itself and is blatantly honest.
Lately I have been using the Appendix F. MAPS for Iona and Western Asia Minor, which are of interest to my study. I have also studied the Conquests of Thrace and the Euxine, and Conquests of Alexander.
Every Bible student and those who want to set records straight would benefit from owning one of these volumes. I look forward to seeing more editions that are easier to manage. This one is not a hardcover volume, but paperback and a little frail. I definitely would prefer the hardcover edition as it gets a lot of work, going in and out of my bookshelves.
Revised and Updated by Larry and Marion Pierce, November, 2006. They are amazing people. May God bless them. And, being of Irish birth, I am surprised and delighted to know Ussher was born in Dublin, 11 miles from where I was given birth (Leixlip).

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