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Sunday, September 12 2021
Mourning & Jesus

9/11 stories permeate the TV bringing us to recall that fatal moment 20 years ago. I remember I went to attend classes at BCQ College, Toowong, Brisbane,  when the news erupted. At first people were saying that over 30,000 people were inside the tower. At the end of the day the truth was known. Yesterday a memorial was carried out for the almost 3,000 victims of this horrible crime.

In the midst of the trauma there were decisions made that did nothing to save the people. Other decisions were made that saved possibly many more souls. Aeroplanes were missing and tragedy unfolded minute by minute as innocent travellers and good hearted people commuted or attended their office to commence their day.

No matter how we look at this moment in time, we are all shocked, aghast at the impertinence of a handful of thugs who decided to end their own lives and also to end the lives of others. As President Bush said, "They had the same foul spirit." Nothing could be closer to the truth of this matter.

What does Jesus say about such an event? He says,

"Blessed are those who mourne, for they shall be comforted."

If we study the life of Jesus we can see that this is a very meaningful statement by the Son of God. When we listen to the survivors and family, friends of those who were murdered on that day, we see the love of God in every heart of each person who read out the names of those who perished in the terror attack. They have mourned for 20 years. The day I saw the vision on TV instead of having a Theological study class shall ever be etched in my mind. I mourned from that day to this day for those who lost their lives on that fateful day. Despite the fact that I did not know anyone personally, I feel the horror and therefore the grief and torment of soul for every person who was struck down before their time on that day. There were around ten Australians murdered, and that is terrible. No matter where they had come from, they had found their place in the most successful city of the world, New York, where everyone has a second chance, and in other parts of America, the Home of the Free.

When I read the commentaries on the words of Jesus in the beatitudes (Matthew 5) these words of Jesus come through loud and clear.

Although I know that many in Israel were in mourning at that time because of the occupation of the Romans and their severity on the people, I now turn your attention to an even more relevant fact about what Jesus may have been thinking at that moment.

Do you remember when the Apostles and disciples mourned? They mourned for Jesus.

Jesus was crucified and buried and left in a tomb guarded by soldiers and a huge stone?

We know that at Easter we recall that moment when Jesus died and rose again!

Blessed are those who mourne, for they shall be comforted. Jesus Christ rose from the dead! This fact was attested to by many people who lived in Jerusalem and Galilee at the time. Over 500 at one time saw Jesus.

His disciples had a meal with Jesus. Two disciples walked with Jesus and then he disappeared.

All of those who were cut off from their earthly destiny will be there with Jesus on the Day of Judgement. Jesus defeated death, which is the "Last Enemy" and shall be destroyed on the final Judgement.

Were the disciples comforted? Yes, very much so. Would you not be? Almost every person who read out the names of those who died on 9/11 indicated that they would see their loved one one day.

They are right. Blessed are those who mourne, for they shall be comforted. Just like Jesus' disciples, they shall meet their loved ones on that Day.

They shall rise once again and be reunited with their loving families and with their creator, Jesus Christ.

They shall be truly comforted and elated.

I hope you will be there with the blessed.

Was this Jesus' hidden meaning of this beatitude? It is for me and families of the tragedy of 9/11

R.I.P. my brother, Liam, who was murdered in London at age 49. He would have turned 72 today. Hope to see you in Heaven Liam Rafferty.

Pic thanks to Pixabay

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