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This page is a sneak preview of what happens in the head of someone like me when designing a cover. You might get insights into the story here.

This was one idea I had for the cover of my new title, Quest & Crown, which will be published soon.

Why I rejected this cover:

It does not tell the story inside the book, only one minor part (crown), which is a sub plot.

This is a sneak peek for those who love my books. This is for you. A few clues as to the characters and the plot.

Protagonist is a big word and it is the most important word in a book. It is the hero, the main character of the story.

Plot: This is the story, how it works out for the characters who are real in their own world inside the story.

I wanted the plot and the protagonist to be on the front cover. I think that is a reasonable exercise and way to promote the story to the reader, who is an intelligent being with feelings and needs like the protagonist in the story, or a human being with needs to get away from the hush and tumble of all their worries and bury their minds inside a book that gives them a breather for a while.

This is the story. This is what it does, or should do. If not, I have failed. I love my own stories but that is no reason to be proud as its success does not rely on my feelings or thoughts, it depends on yours, dear reader. This book should give you hope, faith and love. I hope in faith that it does. Thank you. Marie

Thic picture I did like a lot. I almost decided on it. But, then I thought it was too informative, too many sub issues that were not as important as others.

I tried to visualise the most hidden yet important theme rather than featuring characters therein. In some ways the secondary figures were not quite what I had created.  Rejected.

I decided this one was not showing the real picture inside, although it has elements I liked. It had two characters on its front, which was a better idea than several.

I also didn't like her bare midrif, which is not a theme of my story. (Although it comes close)


This cover had potential, but somehow it seemed crowded and although it had an element here that I did like, I felt it was just too much for the reader. Rejected.

There are several other covers I worked on, and many images manipulated. I managed to secure the images from Pixabay and another free site to play with them.

Playing with the images is such fun for me and I am sure many creators love it too. I am getting used to using layers and modifying each layer as necessary.

It is a long process and sometimes becomes tedious, but it is also a learning process.

I have a motto now, to try and try until you cry! It works. Then I finally make up my mind!

This picture brought me closer to the finish line. I am back to two characters and a few symbolic items including castle, horse, cape, feather, crown and protagonists. It is almost there.

In some ways these two protagonists are the story. They represent a man on a mission with integrity, speed and a serious flaw, a weakness for women. The women are more subtle and cunning, secretive yet they know things that he does not know. Also, the woman represents two or even three women in the story. This story is told from the man's perspective, which was so much fun to do. I hope I got him right!! Yikes! In some ways, I feel the male mind is more simple to comprehend than the female, but there are no doubt exceptions. This man is not. Read it soon when it is available. I need to read the proof this time before you get your mitts on it! Sorry.

Note all the layers I had to create in order to bring a cover to this stage? On the right of the cover pic. This is Elements Photoshop ( 2013) which is a super software to have and I must thank Photoshop for its creation. I have had a million hours of happiness working on this, despite its crashing sometimes!

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