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David H Earley devoted his life to the welfare of others. Now, in his autobiography he displays his amazing life journey through many trials and flying above the earth. David recounts his love of God, family, people who need assistance and flying, which took him to heights we can only imagine.  I enjoyed helping David to launch his superb novel that took into account over 46 years of exciting living most can only imagine. David is also involved in ministries to help sufferers of PTSD and continues his unparalleled journey of life.

Please do not be offended by the portrait of an unknown Aboriginal man in my Blog.

No bad intentions are meant in any way if this man reminds you of someone you know. I show no disrespect to coloured people and ask that you forgive any indiscretion you think you may find here. I respect the original folk who lived in this land before others arrived. God bless you all.

Remember, I have an Irish heritage and being a portrait painter has been part of my life since age 3 or 4 when I drew girls in fine dresses. It is simply my artistic expression. I love bringing an image to life in my art and in books, so it gives me immense enjoyment. When I created this picture I loved every moment and learned a lot about skin colour, people's expressions and the difficult in bringing an image to life. I fell in love with this painting and will always treasure it.