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Margate beach early in the morning
Margate beach early in the morning
I love living near the beach. It helps to clear my mind when it is foggy! I get inspiration just walking on the beach at any time day or night. This photo was taken at 5.36 am, but I don't often get there at that early hour. It is the best time of day, I must say and I often promise myself that I will get up early, if only I didn't stay up late... Life is funny and fun, thankfully.
I started writing at an early age and I still have a lot to say and do. I was so busy with my children and volunteering everywhere I lived that I never got the time to write like I do now. Because of my secretarial skills I always copped the job of "Secretary" wherever I went. For instance, once I was voted as "Secretary" of a Church ladies group and I wasn't even at the meeting! I just had to pick up the "bag" and I had the job. I did enjoy it though.
Now I love to write. Two years ago I opted out of a serious volunteer position (Church Secretary) and started doing my books in earnest. Within a year or so I had self-published 11 titles, so it was worth the waiting.
I began publishing in 1999 with my Gum Tree Gang books. My daughter Kathy and son, Stephen, encouraged me to write stories because of the ones they were reading being described as 'boring'. So, I began typing on our old Amstrad computer, using tapes to keep records. Soon I had a mountain of scripts. Way too much by ten times. Each day I printed out the scripts with the printing paper (remember the ones with holes in the sides). Soon after that I trimmed my first Gum Tree Gang book down to around 150 pages and I had the opportunity to get it published.  It was fun but I was deeply surprised and dismayed at the opposition from some bookstores who only took their publications from 'choice' publishers. Believe me, it was devastating and I could barely get over this. I can see why book shops have diminished! Well, that is one reason.
I really took a back step and didn't get back on track until 2004, when I published my Five Golden Rings and a Diamond. This was a special year because I graduated from college [after doing courses at 5 different universities] and received my Bachelor of Ministries. That was a milestone. I was also working at Newletter editor for Neighbourhood Watch in Underwood at the time, which I did for 7 years, editing 940 newsletters every month. It was a rewarding time but demanding as well.
Once we moved to Margate, I got involved in Church ministries, so my words remained quiet for another four years. Now, I am back on track and hope to continue to let the world have a bit of fun, entertainment, education and relief from stress by reading my titles.