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Marie Seltenrych
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Hi, My name is Marie Seltenrych and I own this  website.

I have been telling stories for a long time and writing them down over the past 20 years or so. I just love a good yarn and the excitement of seeing someone's eyes widen as the story progresses. During covid last year 2019-2020 I completed a full story about a knight in broken armour,  Garty Musdo. He is seriously funny but charming.

My husband was the first to review this book and he  could not stop praising the character. It is the first time I have written thoughts and desires from a male perspective  and it was really a great exercise and fun  to do. Men seem so much less complex  than women. As a complex woman, I believe this to be true.

I love all the books I have written. I fall in love with my characters and allow them to rule my life while I am writing their stories. It is a very exciting method of writing and sometimes challenging when I reach a writer's block. It  should be called, a "character" block. Because it is the character who will not yield to the master!!

Wishing everyone the best Christmas despite the Covid warnings and the terrible news items we are all seeing daily.  My heart goes out to all those who have suffered loss this year including my own family, who lost our beloved Sam in Scotland. (R.I.P) Those of us who have survived must be thankful for just that at least.

Please obey the medical directions for the Covid challenges we are receiving daily. Those medics and leaders are doing their utmost for us all to  reach another milestone, 2022. God bless you and keep you and may His Face shine upon you continually. Love Marie
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Please note: UK orders for hardcover are not available it seems. Go to or other Amazon places. (Try them out if you have a few moments)

Or contact me personally. You will be impressed as I am.

I got very excited to see my new cover for Quest & Crown. Hardcover style. I love it. It is so beautiful that I am thankful with all my heart to Kindle/Amazon for their great help in getting this beloved story on the world stage.

I still have the paperback available as well. But, this hardcover tops the mark. The pages are creame, and the cover is no less than any cover you could find in any book shop. I want to see it everywhere. The font is large enough to be readable without glasses (for me) or squinting for those who need glasses. I am happy and want to share this great story about a very lowly knight who is doing his best to complete an important mission. But, he is in the sights of some beautiful ladies who are confounding to him. Of course, he is always the gentleman, who suffers internally to keep a lady's honour intact.

The cover was suggested by me and designed at my discretion my MiblArt, who are Ukrainian and so what? I want to see them thrive. They did a good job with original art. I did tweak it a bit but that is me, never completely satisfied. I love the idea of new art, thus this is an original art work. So, what could be better? A wonderful, historical-setting in 1799, a knight, a few beautiful women, a mystery and no money. What can happen? This story stole a reader's heart and I will bring more from these wonderful characters you will meet in the world beyond our troubled lands. I have 5 copies in my possession, if you need one urgently. Contact me for information:

Quest & Crown Pics
Quest & Crown Pics

I took a couple of pics of the new book. Compared it to the paperback edition. I like the hard cover, but that is my preference. It has a few more pages than the hard cover as I re-edited some of the text and made it a bit more concise, same story, plot and characters are in there. Waiting to be discovered.

2022 is here for the first time:
Purchase any print book or digital ebook at Smashwords, Amazon, KDP, Xlibris, Lulu, or other shop.
Free Gift: First 50 persons can get a signed, original printed copy of "Five Golden Rings and A Diamond" or a copy of "The Gum Tree Gang and the Mystery at the Old Queenslander"
Printed in Queensland/Victoria Australia. Address will be required for postage to your place.
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